IT Sales Skills and Qualifications

  • Diploma/Certificate in Computer Studies, IT or Networking
  • Minimum 3years experience in Sales and Marketing,
  • Written and Verbal Communication,
  • Interpersonal Communication, Negotiation, Critical Thinking
  • Ability to Meet Goals, Technical Skill and Attention to Details
  • Valid Driving Licence

IT Sales Job Duties

  • Develops and expands a portfolio of corporate clients by networking and marketing
  • Assesses client IT needs and makes recommendations, including IT equipment and service packages
  • Prepares sales visits and presentations to pitch product, service, and combination packages to clients
  • Demonstrates IT equipment to highlight product benefits
  • Negotiates sales, package discounts, and long-term contracts with clients
  • Provides technical advice after sales
  • Tracks progress toward goals and documents sales performance
  • Becomes fluent in all products and services offered by the employer through testing, demonstrations, and research
  • Answers questions, describes benefits, and discusses pros and cons of various competing products or services
  • Gains familiarity with the IT industry, and stays updated on trends and innovative products
  • Attends trade exhibitions and industry events to learn about cutting-edge products and sales
  • Deal with technology manufacturers, software manufacturers, IT consultancies, and technology solutions organisations.

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