Cloud Base Solutions

Migrate your infrastructure to the cloud and take away the costs of running your own servers. Reduce outgoings and utilize the internet to process your information.

The Microsoft 365 Platform has been designed to give all users the functionality within your budget.
Emails fully synchronized with all devices and fully backed up. Sharing files and documents with colleagues or other suppliers can cause many challenges, but with 365, you can share a file, a work space and project plans with who you want.
Access your files from anywhere with or without an internet connection
• Email anywhere – 50Gb exchange mailboxes that you can sync to any device
• Calendar – fully synchronized calendars, with full customization
• File storage – With 1TB of storage, you can share with customers and suppliers easily
• Office 2016 – have the latest software on up to 5 machines per use
MS Office
It is best practice to keep up with the latest versions of your Office applications.